1. Nautilus

    Nautilus is a new, online publication about science and its endless connections to our lives. Each issue combines the sciences, culture and philosophy into a single story told by the world’s leading thinkers and writers.

    We designed the graphic identity for Nautilus. We’re also providing ongoing creative direction and art direction, commissioning art work from illustrators and photographers.

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  2. Harper’s Magazine

    Harper’s Magazine, began publishing in June 1850, making it the oldest general interest monthly in America. Harper’s continues to explore the issues that drive our national conversation through such celebrated features as Readings, Annotation, and Findings, as well as the iconic Harper’s Index.

    We redesigned the website and migrated the magazine’s 150 year archive.

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  3. Convene

    Convene is a monthly print magazine published by the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA). Convene covers the meeting and conventions industry from a high-level perspective that is aimed at relating greater trends in business and culture to the practice of meeting planning, and vice versa.

    We redesigned the magazine in May 2012 and continue to art direct and design subsequent issues.

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  4. Security Council Report

    The Security Council Report (SCR) is an independent, not-for-profit organization founded on the belief that consistent, balanced, high-quality information about the activities of the United Nations Security Council is essential to the effective performance of the Council.

    We redesigned SCR’s visual identity including their logo, publications and both the SCR and What’s In Blue websites.

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  5. The Washington Spectator

    The Washington Spectator produces credible, independent journalism on subjects that are often overlooked by corporate media. Publishing since 1974, The Washington Spectator has stood consistently—and persistently—for human rights, international peace, civil liberties and for an open, accountable government.

    We redesigned the identity and the bi-monthly print edition. We also consulted on the design of the publication’s website.

  6. Religion & Politics

    Religion & Politics is an online news journal dedicated to the two topics thought unfit for polite company. It is a project of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion & Politics at Washington University in St. Louis.

    We designed the Religion & Politics’ brand identity and website.

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  7. New Classrooms

    Founded in 2011, New Classrooms is an education reform non-profit committed to re-imagining the classroom to fit the needs of every student.

    We designed the organization’s brand identity, including their logo and presentation materials.

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  8. Lapham’s Quarterly

    Each issue of Lapham’s Quarterly adopts and explores a single theme, with the aim to help readers find historical threads from Homer to Queen Elizabeth I to George Patton, from Aesop to Edith Wharton to Joan Didion. Newly commissioned essays from today’s preeminent scholars and writers then tie each theme together.

    We designed and built the magazine’s website, incorporating blogs, audio, video and online only content.

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