Ten Years of Religion & Politics
FEBRUARY 02, 2023

Cover art by Armando Veve


Over the past decade, the online news journal Religion & Politics has doggedly and expansively covered the two topics thought unfit for polite company. In 2012, we were honored to work with the R&P team on their initial launch by designing their brand identity and website.



In 2022, to mark their tenth anniversary, we designed a beautiful anthology showcasing Religion & Politics‘ rich contributions to the public dialogue on how religion and politics converge, clash, and shape public life in the United States and beyond. 





The anthology pairs the best writing from the journal’s history with original illustrations, creating a compelling survey of the American religious and political landscapes over the past decade. Its contents are wide-ranging, covering subjects from the Catholic clergy abuse crisis to the call for reparations to the Black community. Profiles cover the religious and political impacts of Katie Geneva Cannon, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Other notable stories explore the growing evangelical influence on American politics, the political targeting of Muslims, and the religious fervor of the January 6th insurrection. 


Palesa Monareng


Ellen Weinstein


We were lucky to work with many talented illustrators on this volume, who illuminated the complex topics under discussion with their unique perspectives. Their contributions add richness and emotion to the anthology’s survey of the conditions of American spiritual and political life. 


Nate Kitch


Trevor DavisErin Robinson


Sara Wong


To complete the project, we designed a special hardcover edition, which combines the new anthology with an earlier 5th-anniversary version we created in 2017. 



About Religion & Politics
Founded in 2012, Religion & Politics is an online news journal dedicated to the public dissemination of information and research about the many ways in which religion and politics intersect and mutually influence each other in the United States, past and present. It is a project of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion & Politics at Washington University in St. Louis.