Columbia Engineering: The Information Issue
NOVEMBER 30, 2023

Columbia Engineering is the alumni magazine of the Fu Foundation School for Engineering and the Applied Sciences at Columbia University. The magazine, like the school, is committed to pushing the frontiers of knowledge and translating the discoveries of Columbia engineers to meet the needs of society. 



This year, we were thrilled to collaborate again with Frost Creative and Kiel Mutschelknaus to create a new custom microsite for the latest publication: The Information Issue. The issue deals with the onslaught of data in the information age, and how engineers are working to navigate it with integrity. Point Five provided strategy, creative direction, art direction, and design direction services. 



The issue is brought to life by Kiel Mutschelknaus’s incredible coded artworks, which brilliantly capture the data environment and the threats of malicious information. 





And for a special feature on broadband equity, we collaborated with Dale Crosby-Close to illustrate the problem of unequal access to high-speed Internet in the United States and how engineers and the US government are working to resolve the problem. 

Check out the full site here!