A New Partner at Point Five
JANUARY 01, 2017

Point Five partners Alissa Levin and Ben Levine are pleased to announce that Design Director Nathan Eames is now a partner in the firm. Nathan joined Point Five in 2007 and will continue to expand both design and technology services for our clients, as well as new business.

As Design Director, Nathan has led the studio’s most ambitious recent projects, bringing his keen visual intelligence to Seek, the new research magazine from Rockefeller University, the design of the print magazine for Nautilus, and innovative digital projects such as Tricycle,  Religion & Politics and Opening Act.

Nathan, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. Prior to attending RISD, Nathan played Division I soccer at Indiana University-Purdue University while studying art and design at Herron School of Art. 


Alissa Levin, Founder and Creative Director:

“Every day, Nathan surprises me in his work, always reaching for a way to make something better, more effective, and if appropriate, even more beautiful. Everything makes more sense after Nathan has touched it.”


Ben Levine, Digital Development Director:

“Nathan’s vision is the moral core of our design sensibility. He’s the one who slows it down, insists on adding one quality little touch here, a special attention to detail there, which always elevates the work.”


Nathan Eames:

“I believe great design to be an essential tool for communication and reaching out to new audiences. In today’s shifting political landscape, it seems to me that collaboration is of the greatest importance. As a partner, I believe I will bring an enthusiasm and curiosity about design that contributes to creating work that is relevant, particularly in the fields of science, education and art.”