1. Convene

    Convene is a monthly print magazine published by the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA). Convene covers the meeting and conventions industry from a high-level perspective that is aimed at relating greater trends in business and culture to the practice of meeting planning, and vice versa.

    We redesigned the magazine in May 2012 and continue to art direct and design subsequent issues.

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  2. Nautilus Magazine

    Nautilus is a new, online publication about science and its endless connections to our lives. Each issue combines the sciences, culture and philosophy into a single story told by the world’s leading thinkers and writers.

    We designed the graphic identity for Nautilus. We’re also providing ongoing creative direction and art direction, commissioning art work from illustrators and photographers.

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  3. The Washington Spectator

    The Washington Spectator produces credible, independent journalism on subjects that are often overlooked by corporate media. Publishing since 1974, The Washington Spectator has stood consistently—and persistently—for human rights, international peace, civil liberties and for an open, accountable government.

    We redesigned the identity and the bi-monthly print edition. We also consulted on the design of the publication’s website.

  4. Listen: Life with Classical Music

    Listen is a quarterly print magazine that explores the world of classical music through features, interviews and recommendations.Listen was named one of the “Top 10 Magazines of 2009” by Library Journal.

    We designed the premiere issue of the magazine and website and continue to art direct and design subsequent issues.

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  5. Democracy: A Journal of Ideas

    Winner of the 2007 Utne Independent Press Award for Best New Publication,Democracy: A Journal of Ideas has consistently presented fresh progressive perspectives on American foreign policy and politics—from Iraq and terrorism to
    globalization, immigration and healthcare.

    We designed the launch of the quarterly and its website, and continue to
    design and consult on both components.

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  6. Harvard Divinity Bulletin

    Harvard Divinity Bulletin is a quarterly magazine about religion and contemporary life,the arts and history. The launch issue asked, “Is there a broad audience for a magazine that emphasizes religion but is neither a scholarly journal nor newsmagazine?”

    We designed the magazine’s 2005 debut, and continue to art direct and design the Bulletin.

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  7. The Paris Review

    The Paris Review is America’s preeminent literary quarterly. dedicated to discovering and publishing the best new voices in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, as well as photojournalism and author interviews. Founded in 1953, the magazine was edited by George Plimpton for fifty years.

    We redesigned the magazine in 2005, when Philip Gourevitch became editor. We also designed the publication’s marketing materials and invitations for the annual Spring Revel.

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  8. Columbia Journalism Review

    Founded in 1961 to encourage and stimulate excellence in journalism in the service of a free society, Columbia Journalism Review is both a watchdog and champion of the press in all forms—from newspapers to magazines to radio, television and the web.

    We redesigned CJR’s magazine and website, and continue to art direct and design both the print and online editions.

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  9. Legal Affairs

    A vibrant alternative to law journals and reviews, Legal Affairs was a bimonthly magazine about the intersection of law and everyday life. Launched under the auspices of Yale Law School, it later became an independent non-profit venture with an educational mission.

    We art directed and designed the magazine from 2003 until it ceased publication in 2006.

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  10. Poets & Writers

    Poets & Writers is the nation’s largest non-profit organization providing information, support and guidance to creative writers.

    We redesigned the organization’s logo and magazine in 1999 and continued to design the bi-monthly magazine for four years.

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  11. Lingua Franca

    Lingua Franca brought lively, in-depth reporting to the world of ideas. Targeted to professors, graduate students and independent scholars and writers, Lingua Franca covered contemporary intellectual life with wit and vigor.

    We art directed and designed Lingua Franca from the spring of 1997 until it ceased publication in the fall of 2001. We also designed its anthology Quick Studies for Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

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  12. Ms.

    Founded in 1971, Ms. magazine is a landmark institution in both women’s rights and journalism. For almost 40 years, Ms. has been dedicated to covering women’s changing concerns in American society, and publishing women’s voices.

    We art directed and designed the magazine from 2002-2005.

  13. The American Prospect

    The American Prospect is an authoritative magazine of liberal ideas, featuring investigative journalism, smart political commentary and clever observations of popular culture.

    We were design consultants for the magazine from 2001-2006.